How to create a travel app and make it really well

Millennials introduced new ways of traveling that involve modern technologies. Now it is hard to imagine a person traveling without a smartphone or tablet allowing to stay online. It means the market for travel apps is only going to grow. Learn what to concentrate on while creating new tourism related application to make it ever more useful and profitable.


UX tricks & triggers that draw customers’ attention and build trust

Variety of websites and applications available on today’s market makes the competition to stand out from the rest quite challenging. A big piece for reaching success is taken by unique, lucrative for customers UX designs. The same app functionality can be covered in different wrappings. Knowing tricks that can trigger customers’ love for the product can lead to a faster growth.


What is MVP and why you need it

The idea of minimal viable product (MVP) can easily be misunderstood. Even decoded abbreviation stays unclear for those with little experience in startups. Also, something minimal may not seem trustworthy, right? Though the value of minimal viable product should not be underestimated for neither owners nor investors.