Sharing economy platform with a mobile-friendly web app and extensive database of doctors

Why we are proud

Doctaly is a sharing economy platform that allows customers to search, review, choose and order medical services. It saves patients’ time giving the chance to make an appointment online and visit GP at the nearest available time. Doctors’ profile pages show professional statements, medical qualifications and additional credentials making it convenient for the patients to choose. For hospitals and clinics Doctaly brings the benefit of managing employee time, and for doctors - the possibility to avoid unbalanced workload and plan the day more efficiently.


Qoderoom created a system that consists of mobile friendly web app and extensive database of doctors and clinics in the UK. Service does not require registration and quickly displays the best options based on the GP’s name, medical services provided, clinic or patient’s location. Customers can search the directory of doctors by location and appointment category, with options to refine results by date and time, gender of doctor and languages spoken.

Languages, frameworks, etc.

Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, Stripe API, Google APIs, MongoDB, Angular


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