Mycellium Swish
A complex system for restaurants that includes admin portal, Android app and a website

Why we are proud

Mycelium Swish is a known name in the world of Blockchain. It helps restaurants optimize service staff costs through the order process automation. Mycelium Swish app allows to receive and take orders from customers, see information about orders, change the state of readiness of dishes included in orders and automatically inform customers through notifications. Restaurant clients can pay in different currencies, including Bitcoin.


Qoderoom has created a system, that brings together the restaurant owners, the service staff, and the customers into a single space. The system includes admin portal, Android app and a website. Via Mycelium Swish app the staff can easily receive notifications from customers if they seek for assistance. This app works with a venue account in Mycelium Swish system.

Languages, frameworks, etc.

Java, Python, Django, Angular.js.


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