Multipurpose mobile app for travelers

Why we are proud

Quicket is a successful multi-purpose mobile application helping travelers to gather everything they need within this one-stop-app. It allows to book the best tickets from over 700 airlines and rooms in hotels worldwide, find the best seats on the plane and even discover who else is on the flight with social check-in feature via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. In general, this application unites the most wanted and useful features for travelers.


Qoderoom participated in the development of the iOS and watchOS platforms. Integration with Apple Watch allows to get countdown notifications for booked flights in the most effective way. The app uses Siri to search for quick results for the best flying options available on the market. The application is integrated with the client’s backend. Tickets bought elsewhere can also be imported into Quicket with the flight details for more convenient follow-up.

Languages, frameworks, etc.

Swift, Java.


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