Tavria V
E-commerce project with a mobile app for a networks of retail supermarkets

Why we are proud

Tavriya V is an ongoing e-commerce project with one of the largest Ukrainian networks of retail supermarkets. The mobile application provides customers with fast and simple online ordering process. With its help they can browse the products, create shopping lists or shop into the cart, pay online, manage the loyalty program data, look through the order history and get personal offers via Push-notifications. Tavriya V app considers the customer’s location and only displays relevant information.


Qoderoom helped to re-define the usability levels and worked on the application providing the customers with easy and fast Internet-based purchase process. We designed the app UI/UX according to the brand guidelines and integrated the app with three systems: Comarch, OWOX and PayMaster. Our developers were also helping the core team with OWOX and lead MasterCard’s MasterPass implementation — the project required deep understanding of fintech and involved a lot of creativity.

Languages, frameworks, etc.

Apache Tomcat, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Liquibase, MySQL, RPC API, Objective C, Java for Android.


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