VISA Global Bonus
Complex client-server system for a loyalty program

Why we are proud

Visa Global Bonus is a loyalty program that can work with an unlimited number of banks and merchants simultaneously. Through full understanding of the customer’s business we developed the system from scratch. It enables users of the program to collect bonuses from paying to different merchants and exchange those bonuses for goods and services. It is not only convenient and easy to use, but also 100% secure.


Qoderoom successfully managed both technical development and implementation of the solutions into a complex client-server system. We developed the kernel, web client, integrated with partners program, including merchants, and banks. We also handled the web client visual design. To ensure the protection of personal data we applied the highest standards of user data security and passed the certification PCI / PII DSS as well as Visa external testing.

Languages, frameworks, etc.

Apache Tomcat, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Liquibase, Oracle DB, RPC API, Angular.


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